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How do you eat on vacation?

A few months ago, I wrote about the faux controversy that Spinning makes you fat. Today, I practically laughed out loud over an article by James Fell about gaining weight on vacation while exercising. I’ve been following him lately and … Continue reading

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Still Trying To Ride My Way Lean

In my last post, I complained that the recommended interval training in Ride Your Way Lean was overly complicated. Although I haven’t memorized that chart, I did incorporate some intervals into my rides the past few weeks. It’s been a … Continue reading

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More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About RAGBRAI

After I returned from Iowa last month, several people I ride with wanted to know about RAGBRAI. The following is a summary of my answers. First, the basics: RAGBRAI is a seven-day bike ride across Iowa held the last full … Continue reading

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“Everybody Should Do It At Least Once”

I’ve mentioned RAGBRAI enough that several people have asked me about it. How many days? How many miles? Why do you do it? Simply put, it’s fun. Click on the link below to see a short video that explains the … Continue reading

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Every Mile, Every Day

In just two weeks, I’ll be in Iowa, ready for the start of another RAGBRAI . In the meantime, I have to make arrangements to box and ship my bike, pack all the necessities for a week-long camping and cycling … Continue reading

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I May Be Getting Older, But I Refuse To Stop Having Fun

Age is just a number, or a state of mind, right? I admire people who refuse act their age, and not concidentally, they tend to be physically active. The other day I read the RAGBRAI training blog about the effects of … Continue reading

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A Slacker Takes The Long Route

In cycling, a century is a 100-mile ride. It’s a bucket list item for most recreational riders, and I guess I’m no exception. I wanted to be able to say that I could ride a century, but I wasn’t motivated … Continue reading

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