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My Harley is a Fat Boy

No, I’m not talking about motorcycles. It’s my dog Harley. He’s always been chubby, ever since he arrived as a stray that I thought would be a temporary foster. That was 2008 when he weighed 55 pounds. He reached 63 … Continue reading

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Not Half Bad

I finally did it! I got hired as a Spinning instructor and taught my first class. After my interview/audition, I walked out to my car thinking, “wow, I didn’t realize how nervous I was in there.” Naturally, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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This is your brain on a bike

Most recreational cyclists ride for fun and fitness. Once you get started, you tend to get hooked. It’s not a coincidence that people often refer to themselves as “addicted” to their bike rides or Spinning classes. It is fun, and … Continue reading

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Happy 40th

Yesterday on my regular Saturday morning Ladies bike ride, I chatted with a newcomer who is training for an Ironman race in September. She’s obviously fit and firm, cycling in a minimalistĀ tri top and shorts. She’s competed in several marathons … Continue reading

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Avoid the Nursing Home by Lifting Weights

It’s well documented that being overweight leads to a variety of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes, but a new study shows that being fit vs. fat can mean living independently longer. The study, Overweight Older Women Have … Continue reading

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I May Be Getting Older, But I Refuse To Stop Having Fun

Age is just a number, or a state of mind, right? I admire people who refuse act their age, and not concidentally, they tend to be physically active. The other day I read the RAGBRAI training blogĀ about the effects of … Continue reading

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