Back in the Saddle Again

I posted occasionally after starting this blog a few years ago. Last year I became sort of bored with it and stopped writing. Yesterday I signed up for “Blogging 101” and my first assignment is to publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post on my blog.

I’m back. Back to writing and still in the bike saddle. I like to write about and share information on exercise and cycling, along with other insight on healthy living as we age.

Maybe one of the reasons I’ve become disenchanted with the blog is because much of what I see written on fitness and nutrition is a polarizing as politics. Vaccines or anti-vaxxer? Do you follow Science Babe or Food Babe? Do you prefer to do cardio or Crossfit? Because if you do Crossfit, you must eat Paleo, while runners and cyclists seem to be free to make their own food choices. That’s cool, unless it becomes an unhealthy obsession. Or is gluten-free the newest eating disorder?

It’s crazy, but almost like politics, the people who say the most outrageous stuff are the ones with the most followers. Vocal, dedicated followers.  My blog sometimes gets a comment or two.

Defining my audience is probably my biggest challenge. On one hand, publishing a blog gives me a repository of links and topics that I can refer to later, and being the curator of this information gives me some level of credibility and the ability to refer people to topics I covered. On the other hand, it sometimes feels like talking to myself.

I’ll end with one training tip. Make sure your training is sport specific. If you want to increase speed, train on speed. If you want better endurance, train for endurance.

Right now it’s too cold in much of the country to ride outdoors, so people spend more time cycling indoors, whether at home on a trainer or in a group fitness class. We have the opposite situation in the desert, and even though I’m able to ride outdoors all year, I sometimes avoid riding in the summer. I rationalize that I’m staying in shape by teaching indoor cycling and water aerobics, but it’s surprising how quickly your body de-conditions. Last August I went back out on the road for the first time in over a month. I felt strong for the first hour, even standing to attack hills like we do indoors. Then I hit the wall. The day was getting hotter and I was getting slower. That’s when it dawned on me that my body had reset to handle 55-minute indoor classes. It didn’t take many rides to regain my ability to ride for two or three hours at a time, but it did take some planning.

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One Response to Back in the Saddle Again

  1. lilypup says:

    Sounds like your blog will have a lot of good information. Enjoy Blogging 101!

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