Not Half Bad

I finally did it! I got hired as a Spinning instructor and taught my first class. After my interview/audition, I walked out to my car thinking, “wow, I didn’t realize how nervous I was in there.” Naturally, I thought I’d blown my chances, so it was a pleasant surprise when I got the call offering me a class.

The good thing about opening a new club is that the people attending my class have no preconceived notions about how the previous instructor did it.  I’ve been in classes with good and bad instructors, and you really don’t want to follow one that teaches contraindicated moves, especially if the class was a popular one.

Unless someone has a background in road cycling, or has been properly trained as an instructor, it may not be clear how silly and/or dangerous some “popular” moves are. Funny thing is, certain clubs get a reputation as a hot new thing, but they are ridiculed by serious trainers.

I willed myself not be nervous when I got to the class, even though I couldn’t get the headset to work. By the time one of staff discovered it didn’t have a battery, came back with a battery, and tried to sync it, we were almost done with the warm-up. I didn’t want to waste any more time, and I settled on playing the music a little too soft instead of using the mic.

Thankfully, I had a pretty easy group of newbies. One was an older, heavier woman who left early because her seat hurt, and another looked confused because she didn’t speak English, but like I said, it wasn’t half bad.

I’m surprised I didn’t have dreams the night before that resembled this video:

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