Another good reason to keep those exercise resolutions

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and it’s time to renew! February is typically when all those healthy resolutions go out the window, and it’s easier for the rest of us to find a parking space at the gym. Hmm…maybe that’s actually mid-January.

No matter. There’s still time to make a Chinese New Year’s resolution. Or better yet, just do something. It doesn’t have to be an annual plan, or even a six-month plan. About a month ago, I read a post by blogger Peter Shankman about why inspirational quotes don’t work. Basically, he says, “Do today, what you know you can do again tomorrow.”

To me, it’s genius in its simplicity. Whether going to bed 15 minutes earlier, drinking more water, or taking a short walk, you can start making small changes today. Do it again tomorrow, and again until it becomes a habit. Then add to it. There’s no need to start some daunting program, only to get frustrated and quit. Start small and build.

Even positive changes don’t come without some resistance. As we age, we get used to the idea that whatever we did in our youth still defines us. If you were a jock in school, chances are you still enjoy some level of activity. If you were more of a nerd, maybe you still prefer intellectual pursuits. But guess what — a recent study shows that your ability to stay mentally sharp depends on your level of physical activity. In it, scientists used brain MRIs to show a  correlation between the calories burned by older people and the amount of gray matter. Although we really don’t know how to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, why take chances? Even if it means getting out of your comfort zone, get more exercise!

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