Make Every Day Game Day

Here in the desert, the arrival of March means the first crack of the bat and the smell of sunscreen — in other words, Spring Training. Over the weekend, I enjoyed one of the best ways to watch baseball, lawn seating in the sun at a Cactus League game. From the outfield, we couldn’t see everything at the plate, but it didn’t matter. The game didn’t even matter; it ended in a tie after 10 innings.

Yes, I indulged in a hamburger and a beer, but after a 40-mile bike ride I felt entitled. I can do that and maintain my weight. It would be nice to think I can lose weight that way, but let’s be real.

March also is when stores entice us with shorts and swimsuits, and we begin to realize what a joke New Year’s resolutions are. I could have reached my goals by now! If only I would have ridden those intervals for the last nine weeks, I’d be leaner now! I read The Flat Belly Diet, I should have flat belly by now!

Coulda, woulda, shoulda…

New Years resolutions and good intentions fall by the wayside without a plan. Recently, FitDay listed five eating habits to break, starting with one that’s most important for me, failing to plan.

Without a plan, eating becomes an automatic reaction to the stimulus of having food nearby. Whether your objective is to eat healthy or to lose weight, food planning starts with a shopping list so that you have the right nutrients available when your body needs them. Otherwise, you get hungry and end up ordering pizza. When you plan your workouts, they’re on your calendar the same as a meeting or any other commitment. Sure, you can reschedule if necessary, but just the act of blocking out time for exercise makes it more likely to happen.

The best part about making a plan, whether for eating or exercise, is that you get the opportunity to tweak it every week, as you discover what works and doesn’t work for you. If you missed a workout or ate too much — don’t quit — every day is a do-over!

It’s similar to the long haul of the baseball season. Unlike football, where a team can go undefeated, even the best baseball teams are always going to lose many games in a 162-game season. And that doesn’t even count Spring Training games, because they don’t count. Not officially.

I like what Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams, MLB Network analyst and former relief pitcher, said recently, “I never played in a game that didn’t matter.”

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