“Everybody Should Do It At Least Once”

I’ve mentioned RAGBRAI enough that several people have asked me about it. How many days? How many miles? Why do you do it? Simply put, it’s fun.

Click on the link below to see a short video that explains the phenomena of riding a bike across Iowa for a week.


My bike is on its way to Iowa, and in a week, I’ll be there, too. Here are the specifics of this year’s ride:

Day 1:  Sunday, July 24 – Glenwood to Atlantic, 59.5 miles, 4,298 feet of climb

Day 2:  Monday, July 25 – Atlantic to Carroll,  65.4 miles,  4,719 feet of climb

Day 3:  Tuesday, July 26 – Carroll to Boone, 70.9 miles, 1,787 feet of climb

Day 4: Wednesday, July 27 – Boone to Altoona, 56.1 miles, 1,147 feet of climb

Day 5: Thursday, July 28 – Altoona to Grinnell, 57.5 miles, 3,202 feet of climb

Day 6:  Friday, July 29 – Grinnell to Coralville, 74.9 miles, 2,681 feet of climb

Day 7:  Saturday, July 30 – Coralville to Davenport, 65.6 miles, 2,363 feet of climb

Riding RAGBRAI is like eating potato chips. You can’t stop after just one.

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